Welcome to the Wilkinson Sisters Playtime café, the Playtime cafe is a mixture of an imaginative play area and a mother and baby/toddler group as well as a café, it offers imaginative play equipment for children 0-6 years to play with and we are open 7 days per week.

Every morning at 11.00 there is a rhyme time session for the children to enjoy where I will use part of the café to lead nursery rhymes and finish with a story and bubbles for the children to enjoy.

There are crayons and paper in the cafe for the children to use in order to make pictures to take home with them or to display on our art wall, on lead up to occasions such as Mother’s Day Easter, Christmas etc., the playtime cafe runs free crafts for our customers.

the café section offers both kids and adults lunches at affordable prices as well as cupcakes, fruit, teas, coffees and iced frappes.

The seating area is situated directly opposite the play area, you can sit comfortably, socialize and relax while your children play in sight, the children have more confidence to play as they can easily see their career at all times.

There is no time limit on Play you are welcomed to stay for as long as you wish, don’t stay home alone, there is good company hear.

The playtime café also hosts children’s birthday parties were the children can play for an hour then have some party food and cake, the parties are very personal, it’s as if your party is at home just without the stress and mess which makes you able to enjoy the day as much as your little one.

There is a community bored which advertises events and notices in and about the local area as well as a “for sale” section where you can advertise your belongings for sale for other customers to see.

It is a place where you can come meet new friends or get some peace and quiet while your children play safely without breaking the bank.

The Wilkinson Sisters

meet the real Wilkinson sisters Lillyann (left) Pollyanna (right) and Alabama (middle)


my name is Arrieanne and I am the owner of the Playtime cafe and the mum to these three girls, the girls are the inspiration, love and heart of the Playtime café, each one has put an input into the design and running of the café, keeping me updated with their best story books and nursery rhymes for our toddler story and rhyme sessions, they have chosen the wallpaper on the walls and the colours of the play village, they have even contributed to the menu, so thanks girls Mwah x

If you would like to find out more about the playtime café or would like to say hi, please drop me an email on our contact page and I will always get back to you, please also feel free to pass on any of your own ideas that you would like to see in the café as it is as much yours as it is ours.